Backstory: for the better part of the last 1 1/2 - 2 years, I have been going back and forth from oxycodone to suboxone and back again. Always orally, never snorted or injected. Anywhere from 30mg a day to 120mg a day. The 100 plus mg days were a lot fewer than the 30-60 mg days. Depended on money. The suboxone has been a fairly new thing for me ( within the last 5 months ). I would get roughly 10 8mg strips once a month from a coworker. I would take an 8mg strip once a day until they were gone. I, unlike a lot of people I've read about on here, was getting high from them so naturally, I abused them. Always orally, but obviously way more than was needed. When they ran out, I got nervous and would switch back to oxycodone. I weened down with them once to very small pieces ( probably 1mg pieces, split in two and taken twice a day for about a week. I stopped, felt fine for a couple days and than went through what I would call mild, on the verge of moderate wd's for about 6 days before giving in and taking a piece of sub for relief, and round and round I went. I recently started weening again with subs and have been taking a tiny piece, I mean probably 0.25mg, if not smaller before bed for the past 5 days and am feeling normal and ready to stop taking them. Any advice on whether I should continue this for a few more days or try and make the pieces even smaller? I guess what I'm wondering, aside from what to expect, is if I start feeling yucky, will it be from opiate dependency or sub dependency? From what I've read, subs are really strong, so I'm concerned that even at such small pieces, I'm going to wd. Maybe I'm in my own head too much as most of us probably are. In comparison, my situation seems fairly mild and I'm wondering if I am setting myself up for panic when it might be all psychological at this point and not physical. I understand we're all different and I'm just going to have to pull the trigger at some point and stop the sub weening but hopefully someone will have some advice to push me over the edge to cleanville : ) stay positive and together, we can help each other better our lives.