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I transferred high schools this year. I had been invited to sit with one group of people, but after I realized that the one girl was doing drugs and convincing her friends to skip school, I decided that I didn't want anything to do with them. I now sit with some other girls, but I have the feeling that they don't really like me. I have ADHD, but I feel like mine is mostly just scatterbrained instead of the kind most people like. I walk into the wrong classrooms and follow people around unconsciously all of the time. Everyone says to just be yourself to make friends, but sometimes I'm just so out of it, and I really can't help it. Whenever I'm myself, I tend to be unorganized with my thoughts and just laugh without saying anything. I need some tips and steps that I can remember (like one, two, three steps because that's the kind I use to remember things and keep organized during the day) so that I can actually think through responses and have good conversations with these people. A lot of people think I'm stupid because it's hard for me to remember things (which is actually one of the reasons I left my old school), but they don't understand that that's because of my ADD (most people think that ADHD only makes you talk a lot and act hyper which is NOT true! Some people, like me, who have it can't focus or concentrate well). That's why it's so hard for me to have conversations with people I barely know. I can't remember a lot about them and nothing comes to mind when I try to talk to them! So please, any tips would be helpful because I really want to make friends and not look stupid while I do it.


Can I just say how impressed I am that you walked away from the 'bad crowd'... It would have been so easy for you to get easily caught up in that just to make friends, but you didn't... Well done! 

Firstly, are you on the correct medication for YOU? In other words, does your dr know about your dizziness and forgetfulness? He may have put you on a certain medication for your ADHD but there may be another one to help with your symptoms.

With regards to making friends, why don't you start a hobby to meet new people. Also, try to make people laugh... I will chat to anyone who can make me laugh! Try not to be too clingy though... It might sound harsh but it's only to help you. One of my best friends is very clingy (texts aprox 5 times a day) and even though I love her, I do need some space! Just play it cool, make them laugh and they will come running!

Good luck :-)