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So i wanted to branch off from my problem and get your opinion on another issue that is related to my memory problems and smoking. I have had a really tough time remembering things since stopping from smoking weed and remember i stopped smoking three weeks ago after smoking for about a year. But in this year my personality completely changed and i have started developing what i think are schizophrenic characteristics. For example, i used to be the most popular guy at my school, always knew how to make people laugh and was almost as high of life as i was when i got high off smoking weed. I went out every weekend as often as i could just because i enjoyed the social society that surrounded me. Now, I have lost my ability to be this person in ways such as i have a hard time wanting to leave my house since my social abilities have suffered so much since i have such a hard time articulating my thoughts. My memory is so bad i can't remember conversations i have with people and i know this because all of my used to be friends remind me of jokes i have made that were really funny but i have no idea i even made. I have a hard time now making and keeping friendships and relationships with girls going. i have suicidal idealizations but i would never commit suicide just because i see no point in it. My emotions are now flat in a way that i can't really show my feelings like i used to. I also have started to have false beliefs that aren't realistic. I have a hard time paying attention and my thinking is very disordered in how i keep conversations going. You mentioned that this might just be weed withdrawals in your post, but i actually am having the opposite of what weed withdrawals or like but in a way i am still having withdrawals. Instead of restlessness, i sleep all the time now. Instead of loss of appetite, i eat all the time. It's actually not that hard for me to not want to smoke anymore like i really don't care to do it. I am in dire need of help and feel like if my memory keeps getting worse or doesn't improve my schizophrenic characteristics will turn into my new personality and for the rest of my life i will have to live with schizophrenia. i have a mom, dad, and a little brother and everyday i wake up feeling like i might have let them all down. They are the greatest people in the world and would do anything for me, and they don't deserve a schizophrenic son, especially since i am the reason why i might have taken on this disease. I really need help and it would mean the world to me if you could give me some helpful advice. Again, the one thing that seems to be holding me back from these getting over this bump in the road is my memory since it is very hard for me to remember anything these days.


I am getting in on this conversation late.

First, smoking MJ doesn't cause schizophrenia.
We don't know what causes it. It may run in families, it may express itself in the late teen years, but usually by the 20s, signs are showing.

You certain exhibit signs of depression. You maybe uncomfortable with yourself and your former drug habit, but it may or may not be related to your past.

You need to see a doctor or a counselor (don't know if you have in the past) but if you feel you are developing mental problems, you need to be assessed. And it's better if you are assessed earlier rather than going untreated for years...

You haven't let down your parents and brother. But if you fail to seek professional help, you will...
If you haven't talked with your parents about your concerns, you might do so now. Depending on what this becomes, you will need their help and support...and they are there for you now.

Good luck.


I smoked Mariuana for about 7 years, and have now been free for 11 years. The reason for writing that Im 'free' is because I once believed Im 'free'' when using weed. But I developed such bad psychotic disturbances untill the point where I could not deny the 'safeness'' of mariuana, knowing it's much more than just paranoia. I had left weed for several periods before, but realised that Im really getting more lost every time I use it. I hardly ever used anything else with the weed. I searched religion, councelling, etc. but then what made all the difference is, not as some only knows the religious version of it, but true Christianity- meaning a living RELATIONSHIP with Jesus Christ, and His Father, the Creator and the holy Spirit. And now I have found what Ive been looking for, (having also been addicted to sex). I once created my own ' God', but since I have been living with God's Spirit within me, I dont need to search any further, or get high to escape, but I have entered into real LIFE, which satan has been tricking me away from in so many ways. PLEASE, im not refering to some religious-bondage- no joy religiosity, Im saying ; once you Receive Jesus Christ into your spirit, He starts a cleaning- out work in you, and give you the real freedom , healing, and love every one is looking for- ( since we usual look in the wrong places). I tried so many things, even other religions- but its not the real thing. Hey- schizophrenia is most of the times demon voices- yes they hate you and want to destroy you with any temptation you accepted, and unfortuanately we cant fight them in our own power. You opened pandora's box and now its gotten hold of you- bottom line- wer'e actually engaged in a spiritual battle. All the best to you. Dont give up man! Jesus will never give up on you, even when you slip. His love is real and UNCONDITIONAL. Just call out to him now He WILL help you! Hope to see you in Heaven!- its real!! You can also leave a reply, and Ill pray for you with GOD's power. p.s( Check out GOD TV if you can)