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I am almost 21 years old I had my period about 3-4 weeks ago I am very irregular but have been fairly regular the past two months. Over the past 3 days I have been experiencing alot of nausea and I have been extremely tired and have had a headache almost everyday. Yesterday one of my breast started to hurt
With all of these signs I took a home pregnancy test that was negative but symptoms are still continuing my back is killing me I am experiancing cramping throbbing pains in lower areas and I am completly wore out. I was told by a dr I would probably never be able to have kids but with all these symptoms I am still concerned what is the likely hood that I could be pregnant even with the negative test.


When I was pregnant with my daughter, I took a test when my period was due and it was negative. I took it a week after it was due and it still was negative. I took it again about 2 weeks after it was due and I got a faint positive. When I spoke to my OB, she said I must have ovulated at the end of my cycle so I conceived around the time my period was due. She said that it isn't uncommon for people to ovulate outside of the midpoint of their cycle.

If you ovulate late, it is possible. I would just give it a little time, try not to stress about it too much and give it another try if you still haven't gotten your period.