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Hi, I am a female and 16 years old. I have NEVER had sex with a boy in my life, nor have I EVER come into contact with sperm! I've never had a boy over at my house either. The only male living here is my dad.

I'm probably just scaring myself, but I've heard that it is possible to become pregnant without ever having sex...? I know you need contact with sperm, but I never have in my life! The only thing I've ever done with a male is hold their hand and that was about two years ago! 

I have done things before sexually, but it was with a female and it was almost a year ago!!! I'm really scared since I think people won't believe me, especially my parents! If there is a way to get pregnant without having sex, please tell me!!! 


No it is not possible to get pregnant without a mans penis deeply penetrating a woman's vagina. Please educate yourself before you become sexually active, talk to your doctor, your parents, someone you trust.