I have a history if heavy periods that have been getting longer and longer over the years. I started with clots and 5 day heavy periodst when I was 18 and have had an increase in time and flow for 20 years, heavy bleeding and clotting for 10 days. Last year it was discovered I have fibroids and a polyp so I went for a hysterscopy with D&C,4/2013. That was great for 5 months then in September 2013 I began flooding. Every period I would have one day where the bleeding was uncontrollable. I started on lo loestra, my periods began to come every 14 days and last for 14 days. In may 2014 I went to see my Gyn because I had bled for 4 weeks straight. She changed my b.c.to microgestin 1/20 fe, 325mg of iron twice daily, and vitamin d 50,000 iu once a week. I started taking it after bleeding for 6 weeks. After 3 days the period stopped, for 10 days I thought life would move on but I started to bleed again. This time it lasted for 3 weeks, stopped for 6 days then I began to bleed again. I went to have an ultrasound and I have a fibroid that is right above the cervix, 5cm. My doctor recommended novasure and said this is the only option before hysterectomy. I have had c-section, and fibroids but I trusted my dr and had the procedure they next day. I am day 5 post op, I have had painful cramps since I woke up from anesthesia. What started as clear discharge with a tinge of pink has now become bright red heavy bleeding. I am at my wits end. I am 38 years old and feel that hysterectomy is my only option. I can't even have a partial because the cervix has to come out as well. At least I can keep my ovaries. I have made am appointment with a interventional radiologist to try UFE. Does anyone have similar problems with novasure?