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I had rhinoplasty done by Dr. Maurice Khiosh 2 years ago. It's awful - my nose looked so much better before I ever touched it. I cna't look in the mirror now iwhtout crying. i'm thinking of fixing it - the timing is difficult as I have a child and often get knocked in the nose.
Cna anyone recommend the BEST revision doc in NY? Also if you've had bad expericens with any NY docs pelase write so I knwo who to avoid.


Its not wise to limit potential surgeons to one geographic area. I underwent two unsuccessful procedures after my nose was broken, both were done by "neighborhood" surgeons. Since that time, I have dealt with quite a few severe complications post surgery.I did several years of research to find surgeons well versed in complex revision rhinoplasty. I just wish I would have known about these these surgeons before I did for my intial operation. These handful are among the best in the world. The surgeons are listed in no particular order:

A) Dr. Mark Constantian - Nashua, New Hampshire

B) Dr. Bahamon Guyuron - Cleveland, Ohio

C) Dr. C Spencer Cochran - Dallas, TX

D) Dr. Richard E Davis - Miramar, FL

E) Dr. Jay Calvert - Beverly Hills, CA

F) Dr. Dean Torumi - Chicago, IL

I would consult with the at least 4-5 of these surgeons before making a decision. Rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty are very complicated procedures. Paying a little bit more ahead of time can save you from tons of hardship later. Do your homework, and be educated.