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I'm 20 now and my partner just turned 20 as well. Let me just state that during the time of these events the girl WAS ON THE PILL.

We had unprotected sex for a while during June and I never ejaculated inside (we used the pullout method) and yes, I do know about pre-ejaculation. She recently had sex with another guy about 2 weeks ago though, however he did ejaculate inside.

A last week (a week before her period) she was spotting light red blood and it only lasted for one day. So she took a home pregnancy test and it came out negative. A week later (yesterday) she tried 2 tests in the same day, one first thing in the morning, her first urination, and one in the evening. Both still turned out negative. 

She's also donating an egg so she stopped taking the birth control as soon as she had the spotting because she was told that in order to donate an egg she had to stop her birth control as soon as she had her period. 

However, she's also been severely stressed out in her life at the moment throughout this entire situation. Juggling 2 guys, work, ex boyfriend issues and more. This stress has been going on for a month now and I can see how serious it is. The stress started the first day that I slept with her and has gradually gotten worse and worse, especially with her stressing over possibly being pregnant.

My partner is having some symptoms of cramping and a little nausea right, but I can't tell if it's due to the stress or if she is pregnant.She is supposed to be starting her period today so I'll get more of an answer later tonight, but I'm just paranoid.

So do you think that this is happening due to implantation bleeding or pregnancy? Or do you think that because of her age and the stress (etc. etc.) her period is just getting screwed up? Or do you think it could be something else?

Please any help would be much appreciated!!!!!! Thanks!!


Good evening! First off, bravo for you for taking proactive action and asking about this on her behalf. Not many guys do that, mind you my ex boyfriend never supported me when I was late for my period because "talking about my periods were too much info for him".

Anyways, the spotting could be due to a lot of reasons! Yes, there is implantation bleeding, but since she was on the pill during all this time, whether or not it was the precum or the proper ejaculation, I'd say she was protected. Of course, no birth control method is 100% safe, so there is always a chance of pregnancy. However, implantation bleeding happens usually 6-12 days after ovulation (occurs usually 14 days before a period), so bare this in mind. You probably know the dates. :-)

Stress can totally mess up our bodies, and it definitely sounds that she has a lot on her plate so do speak. So it too could be a culprit here. Birth control pills can also cause spotting and rough sex. So if there was rough sex say the day before her spotting, it can also be to blame.

So yes, there are a lot of things that could be going on here. As for the pregnancy tests, the best time to take them to get an accurate result would be that at least two weeks has passed since intercourse, so that the pregnancy hormone hCG can be detected. And yes morning urine has the best chances on getting a good result, also, she should make sure she keeps the test under her urine stream long enough.

Wait for her period, especially since she stopped taking the pill, her period might be a few days late or even skip this cycle. Fearing pregnancy is always stressful, and this is probably the last thing she needs. I know it's not easy not to, but please advise her NOT to stress too much about it, because stress just messes things up more. She can always try to induce her period with natural methods, and I am willing to tell you more about that if you are interested. :-)

Best of luck to both of you!