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I have cataract in one of my eyes. Many surgeons advise surgery as early as possible . But some surgeons advises that surgery should be done when the cataract is ripe, that is ,at late stage. I am in a fix when should I take the surgery. Please advise.


Most people have plenty of time to decide about cataract surgery. Your doctor cannot make the decision for you, but talking with your doctor can help you decide.

Tell your doctor how your cataract affects your vision and your life. Read the statements below, see which ones apply to you, and tell your doctor if:

I need to drive, but there is too much glare from the sun or headlights.

I do not see well enough to do my best at work.

I do not see well enough to do the things I need to do at home.

I do not see well enough to do things I like to do (for example, read, watch TV, sew, hike, play cards, and go out with friends).

I am afraid I will bump into something or fall.

Because of my cataract, I am not as independent as I would like to be.

I cannot see well enough with my glasses.

My eyesight bothers me a lot.
You may also have other specific problems you want to discuss with your eye doctor.