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18 month old baby has orange feet. what could be the cause of this?


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It's probably Carotenemia caused by too much vitamin A or by increased levels of carotene in blood.

For example, breast milk is food high in carotene.

Other food with high level of carotene are carrots, squash, sweet potato, pumpkin, spinach, beans, egg yolks and corn.

Other possible condition is Lycopenemia associated with excessive intake of lycopene found in tomatoes and beets.

However, you should consult your doctor to exclude other possible reasons for this condition.


Hi qketel,
I have to agree with Billy on this one. Carotenemia is most likely to be the reason of your babies feet becoming orange. If your baby is eating many carrots or potatoes it will increase amount of carotene in its body. Only thing here strange to me is why is only manifested on the feet. What about the skin on the rest of baby’s body? I’m not sure if you need to visit a pediatrician, I think the chance in babies diet should be enough. However you can’t except the orange color to go away immediately. It will take some time. How is here digestive system? Does she have any problems passing the stool?
All the best