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Approx 2 years ago i was diagnosed with ovarian cysts, 1 large one on my right ovaries and 1 which had ruptured, I had been sent for an ultrasound due to my contstant cramping and vomiting. I was put on the pill and told the ultrasound would need to be carried out again in 6 months, this has never happened and when i mention it to my doctor she has said there is no need now as the pill has helped the pain. Just last week I went to the doctor with a pain and tenderness in my right breast, it now turns out that i have quite a large cyst there too and also a smaller cyst on my left breast, I am currently awaiting my hospital appointment to have these checked in the breast clinic. I also suffer with migraines and when my doctor recently changed the pill to dianette it caused onset of migraine so she has taken me off the pill now for the next month atleast, to give my body a rest. Now that i am on no pill, my side is paining again due to the ovarian cyst. The problem I have is that nobody has really explained these cysts to me. Each doctor\nurse has told me something different. Some have mentioned that conceiving may be harder or impossible and this is causing me great concern, others have said it may not cause any damage that each person varies. I also recently had a smear test which showed up borderline cell changes so i need to have it redone in January so I am greatly concerned about cancer due to the cysts, family history and the smear test.Any insight which anyone can offer me would be truly appreciated.


Hi scaredconfused

Not a nice bundle of symptoms you have there.

It sounds like your hormones are well and truly out of balance and your liver (which is heavily involved in sorting out your hormones) also needs some support.

Re the cysts on your ovaries: This is a condition that seems to be on the increase. Often the cysts occur at the same time as insulin resistance, and sometimes high cholesterol and acne too - so the symptoms are sometimes bundled under the title of 'Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome'. Its treatable.

Locate a doctor who practices in functional medicine, and preferably who works alongside a naturopath or nutritional medicine specialist. (What country do you live in?) The doctor will assess the state of your ovaries (and probably send you for that overdue ultrasound too). He or she will also test your cholesterol levels and possibly do a glucose tolerance test too. A hormone test will be done to find out where your hormones are at, particularly your androgen levels. A liver function test will give you some insight into the source of your migraines.

The oral contraceptive pill certainly evens out your hormones, but it doesn't solve the underlying cause.

Hope this helps - let us know how you go.

Regards, Olwen :-)


Hi there, I think that looking into what Olwen recommends would be a good idea, if you haven't considered it already. Have oyu looked into anything like what she's recommending? Let me know!