A woman who suffered a relapse of Hodgkin’s lymphoma stage III had to undergo radiotherapy treatment, which gave her slim chances of becoming pregnant, as radiotherapy has been documented to result in birth defects. The cancer reoccurrence manifested in her pelvic area and there was a chance that her fertility was impacted.

However, the woman was determined to give birth and she sought all possible ways that could help her restore her fertility.

She decided to go for ovarian transposition, which is a surgical technique in which ovarian is relocated behind the uterus to help preserve fertility. This procedure sounded promising although there were no guarantees it would be successful.

Robotic ovarian transposition was performed because it had significant advances over conventional laparoscopy.

To everybody’s surprise, the woman conceived soon after the procedure was done and gave birth to a baby girl.

This example sure gives hope to other women out there suffering from cancer. Researchers are as optimistic hoping for the significant advances in the near future.