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I woke up this morning not able to move. Left lower shoulder blade pain which radiates through to the opposite side directly over my heart. I have heart disease and in December was injured badly in a work accident which I am still recovering from. I cannot take a normal breath in. Moving hurts. Sitting and standing hurts. I don't want to go into the ER unless I absolutely have to.


  Dear Bella  05 / 19 / 2015 @ 3:45 PM EST ....I am going to give you my 2cents.. I realy think you need to go see your DR  ( ASAP ) or ( PDQ ) frist off i am NO DR # 2   I am NO emt ..BUT i do think the beast thing you need is some one that knows what is going on with you ... PLEASE dont think bad of me 4 saying what i have ... I will colse by sending you a :-)Y face tray to have a nice day and ,And be safe and my GOD be with you on this day...from Miss SAM in SouthEast ,GA   L L A P