I have numbness and tingling under my left shoulder blade and am not sure if it is related to other medical conditions I have. CIDP (think Guilles Barre )   lymphdema, cellulitis (from radiation for  end of stage 3 anal cancer ) my feet are numb,ice cold, feel dead but hurt constantly both my feet,ankles and calves swell and are extremely painful.  I have reached the point where I have to think to walk and I fall alot. My hands and arms are numb, weak and painful with the fingers on my right hand curling up three fingers cannot straighten.  Now I am having gaps in my memory especially when the cellulitis flares up I lose days.  I  am having trouble completing paperwork. I have been trying to get on disability for 4 years and I can't hold on much longer. I live alone and I fall frequently and due to my leg and arm pain and weakness I can't get up. I  have knocked myself out, broken ribs, fingers etc. I fell last night and I think I may have broken some bones in my foot.  I just hope that the numbness in my back belongs to something I already have.  I am 60 but feel 3 times that old