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hey I am 17 and I have 3 questions:

1.) Sometimes after I come the head of my penis is sore and hurts a little: Is this somethign to be worried about?

2.) When erect my penis is 5.4 inches but when its not its only about 1 1/2?? Is this to be worried about??

3.) Also at the top of the head near the hoel there is this like vein / skin striong thing that connects to the foreskin which bends the head back when pulling the foreskin back and hurts really bad, is this treatable?

Thanks in advance.

p.s Does leaving semen under the foreskin make your penis grow bigger?


first, penis under foreskin does not make ur penis grow bigger,
second, it is fine if the head of ur penis is a bit sore after cuming...u've just put it through quite a bit

third, ur penis will 'extend' wen u have an erection and after much masturbation(over time) the penis will 'shrink' but NOT permanantley...
if u hold off on some masturbating or sex, u will c that it will return to normall size

as for the vain, i dunno...srry