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I had sex with my wife last night and we are newly married couple. We used to have sex with proper lubes like saliva or natural lubes. But yesterday I had to do it without any, and while doing I had to push/pull faster after a while. Due to lack of lube my foreskin torn from pennies and was bleeding quite a while. Is it normal, what treatments should I take for this, now I don’t have much pain though… Please advice. Thanks in advance.


As I understand what you're saying, you have used natural lubes but for some reason felt you couldn't last night.
As a result, your foreskin has torn and bled. But you aren't in much pain now.

I think you must see a doctor, and be examined. Depending on the degree of tearing, you may need a small surgical snip to either correct the problem, or expose the head completely. I can't tell...only the doctor can.

Second, why do you not purchase a supply of lube that you will ALWAYS have on hand? There are plenty both natural and synthetic to assist you and your wife.

I am sure that having intercourse without lube couldn't have been pleasant for your wife. Why did she not object? Why did you not stop?

Buy yourself a pump bottle of "Wet" or "Glide" or KY Jelly or liquid KY and keep it near the bed, or wherever you're likely to have intercourse. Don't get caught without it again.


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What actually got torn? Was it your frenulum?

Mine tore several times when I was first married. Eventually it was no longer a problem and my foreskin finally went all the way back with no problem. When it tore I used to put a piece of toilet paper on it to keep it from healing back together so it was a little longer each time.