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My friend told me that The Personality Type Diet approach on is a personality-based weight loss program. That is developed by weight management expert Dr. Robert Kushner. What I like is that The Personality Type Diet helps us identify our dominant lifestyle patterns. Then it gives us pattern-specific strategies proven to cause weight loss and prevent the weight regain so common among other diets. Because I want to join to personally type diet I want to know more.

Loading... helps you lose weight by guiding you through our simple “4 Steps to Success” program. This program is based on the proven and effective Personality Type Diet approach. You can access this program by taking our 70-question Diet Personality Test. Then you are able to become a premium member. As a premium member, this 4-step plan will be completely customized to help you lose weight now and also what is the most important, keep it off long-term. is a personality-based weight loss program that’s more about the dieter than the diet. Instead of just being about food, it’s about each person’s eating lifestyle, patterns and emotions, all of which contribute to losing weight and keeping it off. The cornerstone of the Personality Type Diet approach is its scientifically validated Diet Personality Test. After taking the 70-question Diet Personality Test and getting your free eating, exercise and coping patterns profile, you will be prompted to join You are going to be as a premium member if you want to get your complete weight loss program, meal plan and coaching benefits. When you decide you want to have access to your Premium Membership benefits, simply purchase a Premium Membership package that will suit all of your needs.