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Just started the Dr B Diet (1st week) and it has been a non-stop disappointment. I can't say at this point how effective the weight loss is as I've just barely started, just got back from 2nd set of injections. I was just at the orientation yesterday to get started and there was overload of information and I just wasn't sure what to expect when I go in for these regular check-ups. I've dealt with 2 different nurses there and 2 out of 3 of them were ogre-like bears (the other one wasn't particularly pleasant)! I don't mean physically...what GROUCHES! How sad that these nurses are reputed for bullying. I thought nurses were educated on patient communication. I ended up having a shouting match with one of them and for those who know me, I am not the confrontational type. The staff person freaked out on me when I showed up 5 mins late due to an unexpected bout of road construction, for my consultation - which I paid $315 for.

I'm already in a vulnerable position where I'm trying to improve my self image without having to be bullied around. I am an adult, I don't need to be scolded and yelled at for misunderstanding. I should not have to be treated like I am an imbecile - I have a good university education that I am proud of. I don't know whether these nurses are hired because they are miserable people, or were taught to be miserable and make their paying patients feel threatened - no one should have to go through that. I was actually scolded because I didn't fill-out a form for OPTIONAL online access to Dr. B website materials.

I am 100% committed to living healthier and losing excess weight - but I don't need emotional abuse to do it. If I hadn't already committed a lot of money for this diet, I would just cut out now - in spite of quick results!

For those in Ontario - I highly recommend Wharton Medical Clinic - it's covered by OHIP (free!) and they have a multi-disciplinary approach to weight loss and weight management. You will see a HUGE difference in the quality of services - staff are not only helpful and supportive, their goal is to help you meet short term AND long term goals. I am very sorry that I even bothered with this Berstein diet and didn't find out about the Wharton clinic sooner.


I would like to inform you of a far superior weightloss program that would suit you much better where you are treated by your OWN physician and are handled with the respect and support you need with none of the high health risk factors of this Bernstein program and without the exhorbitant costs. It is also managed medically but by your own physician that you are comfortable with. It has expanded throughout the united states and is now being expanded internationally. It is called the Serotonin plus weightloss program. It will be coming to Canada early 2011.

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