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I've had a breakout of pimples on my testicles. Acne comes out once I pop them, but after a week or so, they'll come back. I'd say about 7 of them total. Some I can get all of the acne out, but the others I have to go to work on them due to them being pretty hard.

Is there anything I can get that would eliminate this? I've dealt with them long enough. PLEASE get back with me! Thanks =)


Hey man. Listen, I don't think that you should try to pop them out, like, ever. That might be very dangerous because we are talking about pubic area and you need to be very careful when handling it. I had pimples on testicles  too and it wasn't very nice for me either. But, when I saw my doctor he told me that I did a good thing by going to see a professional about it and that I didn't pop them. So, I would like you to do the same because that is the best solution. Write about what you decided.