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Recently i noticed there has been pimple like things on back and my this normal....I am 16 yrs....old.....wondering....wat should i do......BTw, Happy New Year Guys.......!!!!!!!


I have the same problem. They it may be normal to a point. How severe is it? Does it feel similar to a sunburn when you are taking a shower? Try using a generic tube of acne stuff with benzoyl peroxide (should cost no more than a couple of dollars) on your problem areas. It should help to make the blemishes less severe and less painful. It seems to have helped a lot for me. If the condition is more severe, than you can take a visit to your pediatrician or family physician to see if he will prescribe you some minocyclin or similar antibiotic. As you get older, your body should start to produce less sebum and the condition should start to go away on its own.

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