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I have trouble keeping blackheads and pimples off my face. Sometimes it helps on your diet but not all ways ...
toner's and face washers help a lot too

also try pouring hot water into a bowl and placing your head over the bowl and drap a towel over your head and bowl so the stem will open your pores. stay with your head over the bowl for severl minutes
2. take your head form the blow and place tisseus over your finger tips. gently apply pressur on the sides of the pimple or Black/White Head
3. wash your face withcold water.

Try doing this every day

Also go to your libary and find books on puberty and that stuff. there will be stuff on spots and how to treat them in most books

I hope this helps

{age 11}


Hi Caitlyn.

What else do you use on your face?

That's a good start but I would add some benzoyl peroxide cream at night to help kill the P. Acne bacteria that causes pimples.