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Okay so i have tons of pimples between my eyebrows and I have one that's like supper big and under the skin feel hard I pop it. and blood/puss came out. It went down a little and feels a lot better but, it's still there but less hurting and less big. I put mecdizns on it . Can ya'll help me what's helps the most with this and that works fast before school starts back please help me?


Hello Pop tart,

Eyebrow pimples are not uncommon.  You may be producing a lot of sebum there causing your pores to clog.  Bacteria can take over and develop a pimple.  Your immune system comes to the rescue to kill the bacteria and this causes cellular breakdown in the area.  That's was causes the pus and white material.  One thing that a lot of people use is any  product that contains benzoyl peroxide.  This helps to kill bacteria and drys the area so it heals faster.  If you keep using it chances are most of your breakouts will stop.  There are a number of products on the market that are inexpensive that you can buy.  Just look for a product with benzoyl peroxide in it and that should do the trick.