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I'm just going to start by saying that I am literally the most paranoid person out there, so please don't make fun and just help me out if at all possible!

I was at a dance last weekend, very intoxicated, and i started dancing with this guy. He stuck his hand down my pants and maybe fingered me. I say maybe because I have never been fingered or had sex, so I'm not sure if he completely did it or was just messing around. Is it supposed to hurt?

I woke up the next day extremely paranoid because I had heard that you can get pregnant from fingering. I've been looking online all week trying ease my mind but I think I'm just making it worse. I do not know if he had sperm on his hand, but I would assume no only because we were at a school-event dance, and that would be crazy if he was doing that there. (right?) Even if he did, the chances, from what I understand, are very slim.

Also, I'm on birth control, and have been for 4 years because of pain during my periods. However, I did miss my pill the day that this happened, but took two the next day.

So realistically, I feel like I have everything on my side to ensure that I am not pregnant, but I have been worrying myself sick this week (literally) and I just really really need someone to tell me their thoughts.



i dont think you are pregnant.i always thought once sperm makes contact with air it has no living sperm to get a girl pregnant.maybe research if that is true....GOOD LUCK-DALPHY