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hi there - just wondering what ppl thoughts are. My cycle usually goes for 32-35 days.. Today im on 42. I took a test yesterday afternoon and it came up with very faint positive line. If you were to look at it you would think negative, its not until i looked at it up close that I saw the line. I took another one in the morning ( hoping it would come up darker seeing as it was the morning wee ) but I got a negative result. I am going to wait another week as i think right now ( if i was ) i would be 3 weeks pregnant ( fertile dates were 4-10 dec ). My only pregnancy systoms are feeling sick, tired and weeing more often. What do others think ??


first of all it depends how long after u had the test that u seen the faint line... it may have been a evaporization line... another thing is it could be that u used two different kinds?????  If not very possible u may be having a chemical pregnancy... wait a couple days and do it again :D