I am 50-years-old and have always had a regular period.  I've only had a couple of times where it has been irregular.  I have been sexually active with the same partner for the past two years.  I missed an entire period in October and about 48 days later I had spotting for one week.  Now it has been nearly 48 days again, still no period.  I know I should take a test but haven't yet.  The only pregnancy symptoms I have had are tender breasts and a few mornings where I have been a little nausea, not continously though.  I know it's very likely these are premenopausal symptoms but wonder if it could be pregnancy.  I have used no birth control since after my third child was born and do not believe I have had a miscarriage or anything either, although I've had a few times where my period was a little later than usual but not enough to be concerned about and where I've had a few days of really heavy bleeding.  Just interested in thoughts.  I wanted to wait until after Christmas and then do a test.