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Hi, my perioral dermatitis cleared up over a year ago but i still have a strip of pinky/yellowy skin above the moustache are and I wondered if anyone knew if I could treat it somehow? Its not too bad, it just means i always feel the need to wear make up on that area.

Thanks in advance for any help!


It is not unusual that perioral dermatitis reoccurs after the treatment is discontinued. Then, the same treatment can be used again. Avoid using cosmetics and sunscreens on that area. Does that strip look like a scar? Maybe you should try with light cream based on panthenol, because it helps skin regeneration. It can not harm you. It seems to me that the scar is left due to skin damage. Make sure if that area is affected by dermatitis or just its consequence and then decided which one of my advices to use. Hope that helped.