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I am 45 years asian male.I had absolutely no problem till about 2 years ago.I have sensitive lips and need to use lipbalm in winter.2 years ago i went on a trekking trip but forgot my lipbalm.Because of intense cold wind my lips went dry and i started licking them to keep it moist.This of course made it worse and I ended up having cracked lips and corner of my mouths in three days.Cracks in the corner of my mouth persisted for long(still has).I tried various moisturising creams,vaselines etc.My doctor then suspected Angular Cheilosis and asked me to apply anti fungal cream.This seems to have improved a situation slightly but the area still breaksdown often and weeps.It also produced a elevated scar in the corners on my mouth.Shaving makes it worse and sore.To avoid this I stated growing moustache,but was forced to use an hair dye as I have premature greying of hair.Somehow the weepy sore area of corner of mouth then started on the corner edge of my moustaches.Using hair dye irritates the skin.I couldnt avoid using hair dye for cosmetic reasons.This has now also affected my side burns where I would have used the same hair dye brush.
My doctor now thinks that it could be seborrheic dermatitis.he asked me to use Hydrocortisone skin cream which gives a bit of relief from itching and soreness.But it bleaches my dye fast and effect last only for few hours at the most.

I now have a red irritated patch on both corners of my mouth,edges and corners of my moustache,and on both sideburns.I cant avoid using hair dye and every time I use it,it makes my skins condition worse.

I even took few weeks off the job to avoid using hair dye and keep applying the steroid improved a bit but recurred the moment I started the dye usage.

My doctor has now given up on me and asks me to just accept the condition.

I am frankly not too sure of the condition,cause of it and no clue as to how to deal with it.
I am not completely stressed out and this has big effect on my social life and confidence
Some body please help


You need to take vitamin b6 b12 iron, potasium, and zinc