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Hello everyone :-)

Well, I posted on here quite a while back in regards to how my septoplasty procedures went for me. I mainly posted because after the 1st procedure, because I was freaking out because of the horrible headaches I was getting post op. I can put a copy of the post if anyone is interested in wanting to read through my daily rants and complaints lol Either way, I am back again just to see if anyone has any advice to offer. I've had the septoplasty TWICE within 3 months.....The 1st one was hell because the doc fixed my septum and reemed out my was recovery horrible for me........during that whole 3 months I had these headaches that literally had me thinking about ways to remove my head from my shoulders haha Ok, kind of not funny but seriously, my head hurt so bad the last week prior to me making another appt that I wished I would just leave this Earth. So anyways, I went back the very end of April to see my ENT, and he told me that my septum got broke right in the very place that he repaired it.......To make a long story short, I was playing with my daughter, and somehow caught a slight up kick to my nose. It didn't hurt one bit, but he swears that she broke my septum?!

Ok, so with that said, he signed me up for septoplasty #2. I didn't want to do it, but at the same time, I was getting the headaches and had NO sense of smell.....not to mention my nose had the whole Owen Wilson thing going on. So yeah, the recovery for #2 wasn't so bad at all.....I think its because I was prepared for what I had to deal with.......Alright, enough rambling...I should get to the point now........Soooo, here it is just over 4 months later, and I BARELY can smell anything, and again, the past 2 weeks I have been getting these darned sinus headaches! My thoughts are this........My ENT PROMISED after the 1st procedure that I would feel like a new man.....He said I would be breathing 150% better, and my sense of smell would be GREAT! And after TWO of these procedures I feel like my sense of smell is worse than what it was before I had gotten either of these procedures and its crazy how I am still getting these sinus headaches.......I know they are my sinuses because if I use my nasal spray ( which is not good to use ) or I take some Pseudofed then it clears up............Im not sure what has happened here?! Alls I know is that I have people that have had this done, and they tell me that they went back to their ENT weekly for a "cleansing" of sorts......I guess they went back to get the scabs removed to prevent future scar tissue growth.........That's bothersome to me because my ENT NEVER had me come back in for anything other than to remove the stints..........Anyone have any advice?????? I am planning on calling a new ENT, but I dont want to have this procedure done again........But I also dont want to see my ENT again......something just doesn't seem right about having this done twice within 3 months, and I am still having problems that are worse than it was wayyyy before I had either of them done!


Im sorry this is not the topic but I just got on methadone three months agon and IM at 85mg. and yesterday they kicked me out with no 30 day detox because of a benzo script I filled on 11/14/2012 I stated the clinic on 11/15/02012.
What would be the best thing for me to do to get through this detox and how bad is it going to be,again I was only on methadone for three months at 85mgs.
Anything will help,please somebody help me,I have been to over 55 websites and nobody will help me or they will pay no attention to me.
Scott A Edgar