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A friend of mine had a surgical abortion at 11 weeks just over 2.5 weeks ago and had no bleeding afterwards, however, she had unprotected sex with her partner 3 days later and again 4 days later. The following day (5 days later) she had her period which lasted 2-3 days. She now wonders if there is a chance that she could be pregnant again as she has started to feel tiredness again and slight nausea, even though all pregnancy symptoms disappeared straight away after the procedure. She did do a pregnancy test which showed as positive but has been told that this could happen due to the hormones still present from the previous pregnancy. She was however advised to take the test a week later again which should show a fainter positive result as the hormone levels should have dropped a little but the result is still as clear as the first test.

Can you advise?


only if u knew that the same thing is happing to me right now im just waiting for a week to check again