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I am thinking about dropping the 10 - 15 pounds I gained during pregnancy by going on the Berstein diet. My son is 10 months now and I'm no longer breast feeding but we would like to have another baby pretty soon. Therefore, I need to know if the diet has any negative or lasting effects, even for a short period, which may harm my chances of getting pregnant or effect the pregnancy if I get pregnant immediately after finishing the diet or if I get pregnant while on the diet by some chance.


i am not sure if this is related, i was on dr.b for a long time and although it was easy for me to become pregnant, i did suffer a few miscarriages.
i had to go back to a regular food diet, lower my gym activity and completely cut out caffeine. i am currently 38 weeks pregnant....... i have gained 60 pounds so far. it is awful but, it was the only way for me to keep the baby. I would lose the 10 by yourself and have your second child. then when all is said and done, by all means, Dr. B is quick and effective. but it is a lifestyle commitment. the second u stop the weight comes matter what!

hope that helps:)