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Myself and my boyfriend are very sexually active. Usually we always use condoms even though i AM on the birth control pill. However weve had sex several times this month and none of those times were with a condom.

I went tanning almost a week ago for the first time completely nude i got a small burn but it mostly faded. I've been experiencing ipple tenderness and i figured it was from the tanning but now im nerveous because it was almost a week ago and my tan is gone. I feel bloated and fat and have put on a pound or two so now im nerveous that this is actually a pregnancy symptom because my boobs are a bit larger too.

Do you think im pregnant & when will i be able to get tested to get accurate results? I should be getting my period in about a week...


The pill is over 99% effective against pregnancy when taken daily even when you use no other form of contraception.
I had sex pretty much daily without a condom for 12 years on the pill, even missed taking it quite a few days, and my husband never bothered pulling out and still didn't get pregnant until we stopped the pill. And I am definately fertile because we got pregnant the first month off the pill.
I am confident in the effectiveness of the pill and trust it however there is the very very few that will still get pregnant.
Since its SO unlikely that you have anything to worry about I wouldnt recommend taking a test unless you actually miss your period.
IF you miss your period. This is when the HPTs are most accuarte anyways. The early pregnancy tests claim to be able to detect pregnancy as early as 5 days before you miss your period but they didn't work on my first pregnancy and I have quite a few patients who stated they didn't work for them either. If you do decide to test early use the first of the morning urine as its claimed that this has the highest concentration of hormone in
Good luck and like I said don't worry yourself too much - I am pretty confident you are fine.