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my girlfriend and i had sex about 12 days into her cycle. before i had sex i had no prior ejaculations and i remembered urinating in the bath before i went to meet her and i didn't ejaculate into her during sex. she has been irregualr for the last 3 months out of 2 years of a regular cycle because she stopped taking acne hormonal medicine. do you think she is pregnant. her period came on day 29 and 30 last two months and now day 29 she's getting cramps. could she be pregnant? i hope not.


The cramps she is experiencing are probably because her period is about to come real soon. Considering she’s been late for the last 3 months makes it even more obvious.

Cramping could indicate that implantation is taking place but the timing for this is wrong. If this were implantation cramping, it would happen a week earlier.

The thing that you didn’t ejaculate inside of her probably means that she didn’t get pregnant, the only risky thing is that it was her or around her ovulating time.
Some studies say there is sperm in the precum but I am no so sure. Considering you haven’t ejaculated previously, makes it highly unlikely for pregnancy to occur.

My opinion is that she didn’t get pregnant but I can’t say for sure, nobody can.
The only way to know for sure is to wait for her period for a couple of more days and if she is still late, then do a test.