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Hey guys I'm having problems with premature ejaculation. I haven't had sex yet but when I am masturbating sometimes I can last as long as I want, 30mins or so but other times I get very aroused and sometimes last even 30 seconds!

One thing I have noticed though is that when I do last very short like 30seconds, usually the last time I masturbated I didn't finish and didn't ejacualted (I just masterbated and stopped sorta) and I feel like this makes my arousal build up for the next time I masturbate, if that makes sense?
If I last this long sometimes just masturbating it makes me worried to the real thing.

(But when I do last 30min or so it dosn't take me actaully 30min to ejacualte I just masterbate for 30mins, If I feel like i'm close to coming I stop for 5 or so seconds and keep going)

I want to actually learn how to control myself and make it actually take me 30mins to ejacualte, not when I feel like Ejacualting I have to stop and keep going and continue doing this for 30mins.

I've heard Kegels work, I want to start doing them but am unsure, do you do them with an erect or flacid penis?

What do you think I should do? I heard about desensitizing creams and will use them when I'm having sex, But what can I do before I'm ready for sex?




I was in the similar situation, just like you. But that was eight years ago and I was really ashamed to tell this to someone, I felt like I am having some sexual problem, and that is not true. When we are talking about kegel exercises for men , you should know that as much as I wish that kegels were enough to tackle premature ejaculation, they probably aren't for most guys. Also, they are harder to get right than you might expect. I am telling this from my own experience, I was never able to learn those exercise, no matter how I tried. Maybe that is why I didn't find them helpful. I mean, definitely, that is why. 



You've already discovered the best way to work up your stamina.


You just have to practice getting close and learning to pause or mentally talk yourself down.

Just remember that a lot of girls get sore after anywhere from 5-15 minutes.

So don't overdo the stamina thing.


During masturbation when I stroke my penis fast, in about 40 seconds I feel that I would ejaculate , so I stop stroking my penis for just 10 secs and I start again or i slow down my pace .By this way I can masturbate for as long as I want ,say for 40 mins also . When I stroke my penis at slow pace i get feeling of ejaculation in 2 mins or 1.5 mins so I stop for 10 secs and start again . My total masturbationtime is 20-30 mins always .

So I have a questions

1) when a man continuelly stroke his penis at fast pace , in how many seconds he should get feeling of ejaculation ??

2) I also want to know timmimg for moderate pace

3) am I suffering from premature ejaculation ??