My daddy had the procedure to repair 3 clogged arteries going to his feet/heel. only one could be repaired and it was not the mainartery. The doctor felt good about sufficient blood supply getting to the heel, but in a timely manner. Procedure worked, but the heel is not receiving ANY blood supply. Gangrene and loss of a limb has always bothered him. We, his children, can all remember him making the statement and would no longer want to live. He will see the doc every other week and we were educated on what to look for in gangrene. Question- I primarily do the dressings (wet dressing). Last night the ankle area and a little upward were warm. Other areas were cold. I dont have a good sense of smell up close, but I ciuld definitely get a very strong whif. I took the gauze and the wet gauze off and found the wet gauze with med creams and such was saturated totally with grasshopper green drainage and what appeared to be a good bit of dried blood.Very dark in color and also had areas of a shrimp colored pink/peach. In 5-6 weeks, i have never seen these distinctive colors of drainage and so much. The dark color drainage only looked like dried blood. He has vomited a couple of time, but he also be very constipated because of the pain meds. Pain level is high, but refused a dose here and there. Doesn't want to become dependant and also knows depression will become worse. Was dizzie a little friday. Does this sound like maybe gangrene is started to set in. Now the foul smell has been there for some time per my sister