I am having serious problems with my penis. I am 15 years old. When I am not erect, i can pull the foreskin of my penis back, but not "back" back. When i am erect, the foreskin doesn't go back automatically, i have to push it back. Also, when i'm erect, I can pull it back, but only half way, so there is a sort of small, scrunched up band and near the glans it shows the veins of the penis and behind it there is just the skin. The head of my penis bends and I am having problems keeping the foreskin back when erect. I have tried exercises such as rolling the foreskin between my finger and thumb like a pencil,and pulling it and trying to make it more elastic. The head of my penis is super-sensitive, it it supposed to be? I also get erections for no reason all the time, and getting them in school has almost gotten me caught, but not yet. If there is anyone who can help with my problem, i need it and thank you.