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i have many problems with me penis.

I am 16 and uncircumsized. firstly, i think it is too small. it is only 2 inches long when flaccid and about an inch across ad only extends to 5 inches when fully erect. is this too small ?

secondly, i can't pull back my foreskin. i have read many posts but i can't seem to do what they say. they all say to try and pull it back when flaccid and keep doing it but almost as soon as i touch it i get an erection which makes it impossible.

is there another way to go about it, or is there a way to not get an erection ?
i really need help. and no i can not accept circumsicion as an option.

**EDIT** oh no. i managed to get the skin halfway back but now i feel i have a much worser issue. on the head, the skin at the sides is sort of white or purpley but on the crack or hole it is bright red. is this bad ? i am really scared please help me :'(


Please don't worry. Your size is perfectly normal. You may find that it grows over the next couple of years, but even if it doesn't 5" is within the "normal" size range.

Secondly, please keep practising retracting your foreskin as you are doing - it will retract eventually. If you keep getting an erection try doing it after you have masturbated, when you are less likely to become erect.

Thirdly, your glans is perfectly normal too. Please don't panic. If you need any more advice please feel free to contact me again. Regards, John