This is hard to describe, my condition, so I'm going to do the best I can so you can visualize it. I can "fully" retract my foreskin when flaccid, with relative ease, but the foreskin actually merges with the underneath skin, just a centimeter or so underneath the bottom of the glans, if that makes sense? After the foreskin merges with that skin, there is a red and veiny section of the penis that bulges outwards from the regular girth of the shaft that goes about halfway down the shaft. This red and veiny part becomes very scrunched up when my penis is erect. I can retract the foreskin over the penis head when erect, but that foreskin scrunches up underneath the glans and any slight motion upwards moves it up. The scrunched up part becomes that red, bulgy, veiny section when it is fully pulled back and flaccid. Help?