I had my first baby (7, 5 lbs) nine months ago, vaginal delivery, the doctor used vacuum extraction 2 times. Normal pregnancy. No previous pregnancies. At delivery I lost a lot of blood and was prescribed iron pills, which made me horribly constipated for a month, I've heard that having hard vowel movements might increase the pressure on the pelvic floor. And I wonder if the vacuum extraction also increases the chances of getting prolapsed organs.
I was diagnosed with a prolapsed bladder 3 weeks after delivery, I could and can still see the bulge blocking the vaginal opening.
I have no family history of prolapsed organs. I have older sisters in their 30's and 40's that have had their second pregnancies and deliveries in the last 2 years and no complications during and after birth, no prolapsed organs.
I'm 25 years old, 5 feet tall, 130 lbs, active, and I wonder if jogging could also worsen my condition.
Will it improve with time?
Is excercising going to make it worse or help it? What about jogging?
Is it common for women in their 20's to have a prolapsed bladder?
What could have caused the prolapsed bladder?
I want to have more children, is vaginal delivery an option?
I really appreciate your time in reading my post and answering my questions