I had a UTI a few months ago, and ever since then things have not been right downstairs!!! I was prescribed an antibiotic, and then got thrush. I went to a Doctor and he said it was just thrush, and told me to use a cream to get rid of it. Before I used it, I noticed that I was starting to lose pubic hair. The Doctor also did blood tests, checking liver function, blood sugar levels, vitamin D and THS (whatever that is). They all came back normal.
But then the cream didn't work, and by then, more pubic hair had fallen out. The itching remained, and I assumed that it wasn't thrush seeing as the cream that the Doctor had told me to use hadn't made a difference at all. So I went back to the Doctor, and took a vaginal swab, and said that he didn't really think it was thrush that I had, because it didn't look like it when he took a look at me. However, the results came back saying that I did in fact have thrust. So I took an oral pill to get rid of it. This worked better - the itching went away for the most part. I am still itchy every now and then, but certainly not as bad as before I took the oral medication.
I'm not sure if it could be related, but last time I had sex with my boyfriend I got pain in my abdomen which lasted for about 6 hours after we had sex (not continuous, just a twinge here and there). I think he may have hit my cervix, or something... it's just that we didn't do anything different and I've never had the pain before.
Anyway, I can't really afford to go back to a Doctor, as the other two had just told me to get tests and done little more than that, and those tests and visits to the Doctor have cost me more than 600 dollars - for two diagnoses of thrush!
So if anyone has any clue what might be going on here, feel free to tell me so!! Thanks :-)