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What is the best way to remove pubic hair?
Me and my partner are beginning to get serious, and at some point along the line, I heard him mention that he disliked body hair anywhere on the body besides the head.
I at one point made an attempt to just shave off the body hair which did not turn out well.
I ended up with painful red bumps and my crotch became itchy and prickly within half a day.
What is the best way to slow the hair growth, and prevent the itchy, painful red bumps?


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If you Google it you will find many methods.
Here is one I found but they may delete it.

You will have to figure out what works best for you, everyone is different.

There are special razors for that purpose and I'm sure the same store will have a good selection of shaving lubricants. It may just take a while for your skin to get used to being shaved so the bumps will go away.

I don't think there is any way to slow hair growth but neither does shaving cause it to grow faster or thicker. It just feels thicker because the cut end is not tapered like the end used to be and it's not as flexible because it's not long.

I think it's wonderful that you are going to do that for your guy as long as you don't dislike it yourself.

I found it was a great turn on for me when my wife came home with a smoothie, after giving birth. However she didn't like being shaved, so I spent my life picking hairs out of my teeth 8-|


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Listen ChelleW, if you don't want to remove your pubic hair, don't, if my girlfriend HAD asked me too that I would have said NO NO in no uncertain manner. I read recently in a medical post here on the web, I quote "when you shave the pubic region, health problems can range from itching, rash, ingrown hairs, infection, blisters, razor bumps and irritation to the skin" From what you say you have already experienced some of that, some women can get away with shaving their pubes without any problems, others have the problem you've had, so just tell your boyfriend for medical reasons I am not going to shave any hairs off again.


Ok so i am a regular pubic hair shaver but i remember the first time I shaved my hair down there i did the exact same thing! And it turned out horribly, just as you explained, but after it grew back and i was ready to have another crack at it i took a different plan of action.

what I did was one day i started shaving, But I only took off about 2cm from the top, I left it for a few days and I would pluck out any hairs re growing and regularly ex foliate and do all those post pubic shaving things your meant to do. 3 days later I shaved off another 2cm and I kept working down every 3 days until there was nothing left and i Just had to maintain it. and I always moisturised with olive oil, its fantastic :)