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Hi. I am 52 years old. My skin is all wrinkled and I have excess facial skin. I am considering facial job. I would like to hear something about facelift surgery. Like, what are possible complications? How long the results will last?


Hi. I had a facial job. This means I had a facelift plastic surgery. I have implants in my face. I am quite pleased with the result. However, I have lost some hair, around the incision site. Some other possible complications include bleeding, bruising, infection, temporary neurological dysfunction, scarring, asymmetry and skin necrosis. I am happy with my new look. Most people are. The youthful appearance should last for up to 10 years. The best part is that pain after surgery is minimal. They removed the dressings after 4 days and I was able to use makeup to cover bruising.


I had facial job done in San Francisco with dr Timothy J Marten.
He was supposed to be the best.
Unfortunately je ruined my face and sime of my body.
He did not respect my wishes.

Be careful who you choose. There are good olastic surgeons out there. But if they have complaints about how they dont help the patient if simething goes wrong then stay away...
Also choose someone whi has family and kids. Then they are more likely to be regular human without any personality disorders etc.

Ofcourse go through outcomes. Smiling and non smiling pictures.