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For the past year or so, I have had small 1 or two inch rashes in the crease where my thighs meets the pubic area. It only goes away the day after I have shaved and then starts to come back with the hair. It smells and is wet or oily. It is only red, not brown and has not spread. 


A number of factors can contribute to this issue. One, hygiene. Two, weight. Three, diet. Four, type of underwear.

Hygiene is the number one item. You stated there was a smell. You can use a good deodorant soap that can prevent, or in the very least, deter the smell. Using talcum powder will also keep the area dry and odorless. Weight often plays a role in this issue, if the folds of your skin is not allowing the area to breath. The only remedy for this is weight loss. Diet can also play a factor if you are eating too many carbohydrates (which turn to sugar in the body). Your body may be more acidic and any folds of the skin will result in a breakout. Your underwear can play a part as cotton will breath, synthetics will not. White cotton is the best for a reason, it keeps the area dry, and it's easier to asertain when there is a problem depending on the color of body fluids on the white cloth. Lastly, also make certain that you are wearing the correct size underwear. Are they cutting into your skin because they are too tight?