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I have suddenly become allergic to many forms of lip balm/ chapstick. Over the past 6 months I have tried 3 different types and each time within 24 hours my upper lip swells to twice its size and is covered in tiny oozing bumps. My bottom lip is unaffected. Lipstick and glosses are not a problem I never used to have a problem with any kind of lip care product. I noticed that certain lip balms have warnings stating "if rash occurs discontinue use." What is going on? What ingredient causes this rash in the some percentage of people? Is there a specific brand I could use that doesn't include this ingredient?



Many personal hygiene products contain different chemicals among which there are those that are not adequately tested, that are known allergens and quite possibly carcinogens.

Most of the lip balms and similar products have “if rash occurs discontinue use” signs.
It is not likely to say this product has this ingredient and some people are reaction to it.

You could, however, bring your product and take it to a dermatologist and have yourself checked to see which of the ingredients you may be reacting.

You should also know that too much of a product could also be using similar reactions.

One thing is sure. You will need to avoid the products you are reacting to.