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Hi i'm a 20 year old male and have recently found small red spots above and in the pubic area. There are several small spots and 4 bigger ones. The bigger ones look like sort of like moles you would find anywhere else on the skin (except red) and are soft to touch, again like moles. All are red with no white tips and generally 1mm in diameter.
I have looked around and i'm pretty sure they are Molluscum. here is a picture

Are there any treatments for this and is it safe for others to have contact with the area with risk of catching it??


molluscum contagiosum is highly contagious.. there is a treatment for it.. its a cream called aldara.. its not an otc med so you will have to get a rx for it.. whatever you do be sure not to itch them and tough the unaffected parts of your body because they will spread.. speaking from first hand experience, when i had them it lasted for about 2months.. but its not always an std because it can be from use of tanning beds (not being cleaned properly) and towels/sheets from hotels not being washed properly.. hope this helps.. good luck..