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For the last 3 years i have had the same order of reocurring problems. testicle pain and soreness going into the leg and abdomen on the right side. after awhile the pain shoots all the way up into my shoulder and head. it causes dizziness and the pain is very sharp sometimes. the pain radiates into my leg almost down to my knee. i have been to er and doctor multiple times with no diagnosis whatsoever. i have been to three different doctors, had a upper and lower gi, and been to a urologist. have been cat scanned in the abdomen area 4 times or so and still nothing. the pain is even in my hip area, when i push the top of my right hip it is sore in the bone itself. after going to all the specialists and doctors i am still suffering and given hydrocodone which dosent help at all. should i just keep going to another doctor until i find one that will help me?my symptoms grow worse,and this is slowly starting to kill me, i have no idea what to do.


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What do you mean "slowly killing me"? how old are you and where are you at in puberty? can you go into more detail about what happens when you get one of these attacks? where does it start, does it happen more laying down, standing up sitting? just tell more about how this happens from start to finish and how long they last.

thanks hope this wasnt too confusing