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28 yr old male, I have had these sores on my scalp for five years. Been taking antibiotics for them but each time they come back, the come back rather quickly once im off the antibiotics and they come back more painful. Imsick of being on antibiotics its not good for long term and expensive. I used to think it was MRSA but cultures gave klebsiella and enterobacter (maybe I have more, I only got the cultures done twice), but sores come back after antibiotic course. I got HIV test and all sorts of STD test (all this after 6 mos of last sex activity) and was negative. my doc doesnt think this has anything to do with STD. he did a CBC thinking there was a problem with my immune system but that too was fine. he thinks its a glandular oil secretion problem and so incurable. I am so depressed hearing this,want to give up on life. I dont know what to do anymore. My lymph nodes on my neck and head are also prior derm doc thought it could have been diet (i overdosed on coffee once).Any thoughts? any cure there? or should I change doc? would maybe IV antibiotic work?


try accutane


Guest wrote:

try accutane

That's not a bad idea. But go see a dermatologist first if you've only been to a general doctor.

The accutane might work to stop the oil secretion just like it worked on my acne cysts.


from the year 2005. It started with small boils on the head and gradually became

very painful. I showed it to several dermatologits and skin specialists in Bangalore, India.
These kept on coming and going every month depending upon the anti biotic i took.
It is 2008 and and the Folliculitis continue to really bother me.
There have been times when i have got over 100 boils on my scalp.

These are the following medicines i have taken but all of them giving me relief only for a week or 2 weeks


1. Augmentin 625 mg ( with Dapsone 100 mg ) (Fucidin & Nadoxin Cream)
2. Sefdin 300 mg ( with Dapsone 100 mg ) (Fucidin cream, Cetrilak soap & Selsum shampoo)
3. klox 500 mg ( T bact cream) (Fucidin cream, Cetrilak soap & Selsum shampoo)
4. Enhancin 625 mg (Fucidin cream, Cetrilak soap & Selsum shampoo)
5. Widcef 500 mg ((Fucidin cream, Cetrilak soap & KZ shampoo)
6. Isotane 20 mg with widsef
7. Injection Benzathin Pencillin
8. Lynx 500 mg with glacex
9. Xceft 100 mg with Absolut
10. Augmentin 625 mg with longin
11. Clamp 625 mg with Sotret 20 mg ( emoderm cream )
12. Rcin 600 mg ( Soapex soap, Selsum shampoo, fucidin cream )

All the above medicines were rotated once or twice and taken for 4 years.
Augmentin was taken for over 1 year with 2 months interval.

I have got blood tests done every year.

Here is the basic blood test report:

PUS culture test:

Sensitivity to cephalecin, ofloxacin, norfloxacin, ampicillin
REsistant to : Augmentin, co trimoxazole, chloramphenicol

I am 26 year old. Got Folliculitis in 2005.

If anyone can reccomend me some thing. i would appreciate it.

I have tried Homeopathy & Naturopathy but of no Success.



try T-Bact oinment