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Hello, i am 16 years old, and i wanna know if i have phimosis or something normal. i have not ever pulled my foreskin back once yet. im scared its gonna hurt real bad. i have pulled it back at least half or 3/4 of the way when flaccid. i am pretty sure i can pull it back when im flaccid, im just scared to. but when my penis is erect its a whole diffeent story. when it is erect the foreskin still stays long and does not seem to let my penis get thru, unless i have just finished masturbting, it only lets my penis out only about a quarter the way out. i find this very odd. my penis has a long foreskin. i can stretch it really far when flaccid. when i get a boner the foreskin stays really tight and opens up only a lil bit. will i have problems during sex? is there something i can do?
do i have phimosis? please msg back, i need advice,


hi i had a similiar problem to that but just keep trying in the bath or the shower, it really helps!
I am 18 and i can retract my foreskin no problem both flaccid and erect! i am able to do so from stretching day by day, wank by wank, etc. . .
BUT, when i leave it retratcted for a long period of time, the ridge of foreskin behind the head starts to swell and sorta looks like there's fluid building up (almost like a blister). when i push my foreskin back, it returns to normal after a few hours or a day max! So i think there's nothing to worry bout!
I am hoping somebody can tell me how to prevent this and how i can keep my foreskin back without this happening?
please help


Phimosis iis a word that describes the condition of having a foreskin that does not retract. Phimosis is NOT a disease and does not require treatment unless you want to treat it.

Foreskins can be stretched. That is the secret to making your foreskin retract. Get your penis hard. Then pull your foreskin back gently against the head. The head will try to go through and that will cause the foreskin to stretch. It won't hurt if you do it gently.

Keep doing that every day and your foreskin tip will widen and your foreskin will become retractable.

I had to do the same thing when I was sixteen.