In Dec 2004 I had a abdominoplasty. There was no fluid from the drains two days later so I was released from hospital, but over the next six weeks I had to return to the surgeon several times to have fluid aspirated from my stomach. I could hear it swishing around. Eventually it seemed to have stopped, but over the last year, I have noticed a swelling of my stomach and as I had moved interstate in Aust I could not return to the surgeon who had performed the op. I began to think maybe it was because I had put on 10 kilos of weight or maybe the tummytuck just didnt work. But after recently seeing my GP and being shuffled from Dr to Dr for scans and what not, it has finally been diagnosed as a huge seratoma. (collection of fluid) this is very rare in my case as its now become the size of a basketball and I keep getting questions about a baby being due. I am on the urgent list but since its not life threatening I shall have to wait for an opening at the hospital.
I wrote this as a warning to all women who have this op. Always continue to be on the lookout for swelling and get it seen to as soon as possible. As far as the op itself, it was well worth it, well for a year or so anyway. Hopefully I will get there before I am 50