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Three months ago I underwent a transabdominal hysterectomy for pelvic pain and dysfunctional uterine bleeding. Immediately following my surgery I have noticed lump on my left side. I went back to surgeon who performed hysterectomy and ask what to do. They recommend me to do liposuction. I wonder if anyone had abdominoplasty as procedure normally used to correct such a problem.


I had hysterectomy too last year. During my hysterectomy my surgeons had to place a 15 x 7.5 piece of meshing in my abdomen. It was due to large ventral hernia which was forming, and resulted from my previous sections. Also after that I had something, where my doctors thought that was a hematoma. I wasn’t satisfied with that diagnosis so I asked my few friends who are O.R. techs and R.N.’s and they told me after my hysterectomy that liposuction is not right solution for me. Later I found out and liposuctionand abdminoplasty are both reontouring operations. Abdominoplasty is better if there is problem with skin and fat disproportions. Otherwise both are used.
Maybe you should try and see more then one doctor and surgeons, they will probably say the same procedure that is the best for you after hysterectomy. Would it be abdominoplasty or liposuction, they will be right persons to recommend it to you.