I was hospitalized with a sudden bad pancreatitis attack in spring of 2012. Tests  & a biopsy revealed I had the type of tumors that turn into cancer in my pancreas. Several were very large and a number of small ones scattered around too.  I asked what caused them, & was told alcohol use was a big factory. I have never drunk alcohol!  On Aug. 31, 2012 they did the surgery & they ended up removing a LARGE part of the pancreas, the Spleen & all surrounding lymph nodes.  The Dr is a cancer specialist and said it was done so radically since "it looked like Cancer" to him, & that my recovery would be faster if it was cancer.  It turned out not to be cancer, HURRAY!  Yet, I will need yearly MRIs to moniter the small tumors in the remaining small part of my pancreas.

Now I am Diabetic. This requires meds that so far we haven't found anything oral that are really effective & are quite expensive as well. The Dr. said I need to take Pancreatic enzymes with meals as well, which are hundreds of $$$ a month too, & completely unaffordable for me.  Now I have really bad CONSTIPATION, hard, lumpy uncomfortable!  I have tried all kinds of things, nothing seems to resolve it.  I struggle and am using plain water enemas pretty much daily to get things to move at all, I take probiotics, I try to get enough fiber in my daily diet, have even supplemented by trying the psyllium stuff( terrible gas & cramping pain), & a Calcium Polycarbophil fiber suppliment that didn't seem to help either. I occasionally use M.O.M. or a natural vegetable laxative when things get really bad once or twice a week,  they help, yet I don't want to become dependent on those.  

On top of all this my urine smells really weird. Kind of chemically is the best way I can describe it. 

None of this was a problem before the pancreas was removed. I don't know what to do. I would appreciate any advice to help.

Thank you, in advance.

(I need to add that I had my Gall Bladder removed due to stones about 30 yrs. ago as well, if that has any bearing on anything.)